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Coco Enterprises, an independent full services financial firm, aims to set the standard for financial services excellence. Using the S.P.R.I.F.* model, we will partner with clients in pursuing their goals and objectives by providing  products, services and counsel for the purpose of navigating clients towards lives well lived.  We will know we are successful in our mission when our clients are flourishing and managing their personal resources optimally.

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What is S.P.R.I.F.?

In 1999, my friend Kurt asked me to be part of a “coming of age” ceremony for his soon-to-be thirteen year old son Daniel. Based on his intention to formally introduce his boys to the responsibilities and characteristics of manhood, Kurt decided to have his sons mentored by men who were successful in the areas of spirituality, physical fitness and health, relationships, intellectual achievement, and finances (S.P.R.I.F.). I was so impressed by S.P.R.I.F. that I chose the model for my own son’s thirteenth birthday manhood ceremony.

Serving as scoutmaster of Whitefish, Montana’s Troop 17, I later used Kurt’s S.P.R.I.F. model as the foundation for developing boy scouts into “mighty men of character and service, who give more than they take wherever they go.” Because of the success we achieved in helping young men live exemplary lives, I adopted S.P.R.I.F. as the guideposts for my own life. Over time, I noticed many of my clients were not flourishing, even when they were financially secure.

Why is S.P.R.I.F. Important?

I started to incorporate spiritual, physical, relational, and intellectual goals into a few, select financial plans. When I did, I observed these clients were more content with their lives. Upon establishing my own firm, I made a business decision to build my financial planning practice on the S.P.R.I.F. model where I guide my clients towards achieving balance in the areas of their lives that they value.

The Coco Enterprises logo is made up of five Greek pillars, each representing an area of S.P.R.I.F.  By aiming for balance, strength and stability in each area, my clients will look back on their lives without fear of regret. Living well is certainly more than just being financially secure. If you believe spiritual, physical, relational, and intellectual goals should be incorporated with your finances into an overall plan for worthy living, I encourage you to schedule an appointment.

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